Sunday, April 26, 2009

Makin' bacon

Whoa! This is the saltiest salt shaker I have ever seen! Hey Roseanne and Tom, get a room!


Pink said...

I think it's kinda cute (is it just a salt shaker, or a the salt shaker on top of the pepper shaker??)

Still, I wouldn't want it as a gift. Baddd taste (unless you collected pigs and/or salt&pepper shakers).

Anonymous said...

I think they're hideous, but I'll bet the piglets will be cute once they're born.

Hyena Overlord said...

One of the few gifts that comes with it's own top 40 Hip Hop Chart topper courtesy of Salt 'n' Peppa..."Push It"

Anonymous said...

Hope they don't have the flu.

Ellen Kimball said...

Yep, very up-to-date.

They're only passing along the swine flu!

I've had two hideous gifts that I've recently sold at a yard sale. Sorry I didn't take pictures of them.

Happy spring!

Ellen Kimball
Portland, OR

Kell said...

Don't tease us about the hideous gifts! You HAD some but you SOLD them? How could you without taking pics??

Anonymous said...

My name is RoseAnne and my boyfriend's name is Tom!!! I am crying of laughter at my desk right now!!!

Kell said...