Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watch out Harry Potter

Here we have this stunning purple octopus angel complete with a pipe cleaner halo and randomly splattered globs of glitter. While this may not look good on your Christmas tree, it does make a nifty duster. I have to add that this was NOT made by a child. Is it just me, or does this remind you of a dementor?


Maya said...

Perhaps a dementor if it were in the Twilight world. After all, it's *shudder* SPARKLY.

Word verification: reutosp. Sounds like an apt curse to ask "What the reutosp is this thing?!"

Kell said...

Good point! I will rename it to Edward the Octopus.

Hyena Overlord said...

*L*@twilight sparkling reference

I've made these angels out of crochet cotton. There's a marble in the head. I didn't make mine sparkly. If I find them on Mom's tree next year I'll send a pic.

Pink said...

I hate homemade craftsy crap like this unless it's made by a child. I *suppose* some old grandma may have an excuse...but all in all it's a lame-o gift.