Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Misguided Attempt to Show Kindness. My mother received this anti-aging electrical mask for her birthday. I'm trying to come up with something more insulting but I've got nada. On a side note, no wonder why Jason Voorhees has such beautiful skin.


Sarah said...

You know, when I saw that picture, that is immediately what I thought up! Equip your mom with a chain saw and she could clear out a city block by only walking out the door. :)


Kell said...

So that's why the neighbors have been MIA! I told her to stop wearing it while gardening but she just doesn't listen!

Anonymous said...

Does it work? Has she ever tried it? Hey, anything beats going under the knife.

Anonymous said...

Just curious: does it come in different sizes?

Kell said...

She tried it and nearly passed out from the pain.

Kell said...

No, it is one size fits all wrinkled faces.

Anonymous said...

"M.A.S.K": does that mean someone might come out looking like Rusty?

Ellen Kimball said...

Right out of the movies...

The Silence of the Lambs with Anthony Hopkins

Warm regards from:

Ellen Kimball
(Movie Reviewer from WAY BACK -- now a resident of Portland, OR, but former Bostonian from 1972-1998)

Ellen Kimball said...

You want to see something I found at a garage sale for 20 cents?

I call these RUBBER CHAIN OBJECTS. Hundreds of people have tried to identify them, with no luck.
I have had these for years and DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE.

Feel free to cut, paste, and post this at your site:

Warm regards,

Ellen Kimball

Kell said...

Hi Ellen,
Welcome to the blog! Is there a website with your movie reviews? I would love to check them out! Those rubber chain objects might just be the strangest things I have ever seen. Thanks for the pic!

Ellen Kimball said...

Hi Kell,

If you have the patience, you can go to and type in my professional name -- Ellen Kimball. All of my reviews come up that way.

There are many more from 2004-2008 at
Search for Radio_Lady -- or better still Radio_Lady Reviews (don't forget the underscore). I don't post there anymore.

Others from 1971-82 are in a box in my bedroom, typed neatly on letterhead paper from the three radio stations I worked for during that timeframe. I thought about putting them up on the Internet, but they are VERY OLD, as I am.

Thanks for your interest.

Ellen Kimball
Portland, OR
(Woman, wife, radio broadcaster, film reviewer, mother, stepmother, grandmother, stepgrandmother)

Anonymous said...

Nice gift for a Hockey Mom.