Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is nowhere to hide

This is definitely the worst kind of gift. An ugly outdoor item from someone who lives nearby. Someone received this sightless swan lawn planter from his next door neighbor as a welcome gift when he moved into the neighborhood. What else could he do except put it on his lawn? If I were him, I would reciprocate and give this as a gift to them. Touché.


Maya said...

It wouldn't be quite as bad if eyes were painted on it.

...Wait, no, that just opens it up for a whole new level of creeptastic. *shudders* D:

Ellen Kimball said...

Oh my goodness! Kell, we have a similar swan in our backyard! The only difference is that the beak is painted orange and there is also a black "cere" -- I think that's what it's called: the band just above the beak.

I never thought of our swan as ugly -- my husband bought it at a local plant nursery. I'll see if we have a photo link!

Aw, well, maybe it's tacky, but we love it. At least it's not a PLASTIC PINK FLAMINGO!



Anonymous said...

At least it's not the ugly duckling.