Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"Here's the lovely ceramic cat that my mother got for Xmas. For whatever reason she has always used it as a patio ornament as you can see in the background. All those years when I would waste time trying to tan myself out on the patio, that damn cat would be gazing at me from the flower bed or the steps to the sliding glass doors. It's weirdly been out there for years!!! Too ugly to be kept in the house, I suppose."
Looks like this cat has been dipping into the catnip a little too often.


Hyena Overlord said...

Nothing says "I love you" and I bought a give worthy of that love, more than a cat ornament molded out of chewable Rolaid's. Too bad it's waterproof.

Pink said...

Yeah, he definitely looks stoned. Too much catnip, as you said!