Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family recipe

Someone actually gave this to my children as a gift. Rubbery roaches in equally rubbery spaghetti. They were actually excited because they exclaimed, "Look Mommy, just like Granny* makes!"

*My MIL.


Anonymous said...

I got served that in a restaurant once. I said, "Waiter, I can't eat spaghetti and cockroaches!"

The waiter said, "You ate it last time. Only difference is I crushed the cockroaches and rolled them up into balls."

Maya said...

That' That's special.

Yuck. :|

WV: ingin. The only way I would ever be convinced to eat something like that.

Hyena Overlord said...

I still don't have a comment. Except it's hard to listen to the cheery funk of the theme to Sanford and Son and not think that something for real like this might be in their sink.

Speaking of sink

wv: Ships. srsly!